Terms of participation and copyrights

We accept the results of participants older than 14 years. The consent of the parents or other legal representatives of the minor participant in the tournament for alienation of the results of intellectual activity on the conditions specified below is presumed.

The organizer has the right to change the schedule of the tournament and disqualify the participants who provided incorrect information upon registration; participants who have a personal contract with the company, relatives and members of their families; participants using plagiarism in their decisions.

In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, Huawei believes that the participants made the following irretrievable statements about the decisions sent during the match:

The presented solutions are original, and the participants of the match do not violate any intellectual rights, such as the rights to the results of intellectual activity, copyright and the right to a trademark. The solutions presented were not published on any media, such as newspapers, magazines and websites, including in open source communities.

The presented solutions do not have patents and are not protected by copyrights, were not presented at other tournaments and were not put into production. The match participants guarantee that they have never participated in other tournaments with the presented solutions. Otherwise, Huawei has the right to disqualify the participant at any stage of the match and has the right to conduct necessary legal actions. The copyrights to the decisions of the participants are transferred to Huawei and the company has the right to modify, sell, demonstrate, publish, promote and open the source code of the solution.

Participants are responsible for all arising disputes about rights, reputation, confidentiality, trademarks and copyrights.